My work is focused on developing strong illustration styles and systems for brands of all sizes.

I work closely with the client exploring different paths to arrive at an ownable style that fits the needs of the product. The result is a strong identity through illustration supported by a complete assets library that is curated and customized.

Not having a signature style as a commercial illustrator with a graphic design background, I approach my work with a problem solving mentality, leaving aside trends and stereotypes and looking for unique solutions.


Media companies and agencies Wolff Olins, Interbrand, Deutsch or Insider.
Healthcare: Lloyds, Oscar Health, Maven Clinic, Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Insurance: State Farm, Glow, Angie’s List ( Angi)
Banking: Juni, PNC Bank, Tongo
Tech: STC
Hotels: Three Mile beach, Silver Lake

Oscar Health +

Maven Menopause

Maven Wallet

Echo Pharmacy UK +

Insurance company 2020 +

Additional illustrations 2022 +

Maven Clinic +

Maven - Reproductive Health +

Maven Clinic - Pediatrics +


Three Mile Beach +

Silver Lake Pool & Inn +

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Achievement Sessions +

Hester Street

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