Oscar Health

Branding Illustration

Agency: Output

I worked with the team @Something New ( formerly Output) for a whole year rebranding Oscar. It was an extraordinary experience to build up a visual identity through illustration and a beautiful challenge to define and establish a style that can grow organically and keep its consistency.

I worked on 3 main areas: characters, illustration spots and icons, to cover all the graphic needs of the website, app, promotional printed materials and internal needs.

Brand Book

The Oscar illustration style is fun, but also grown up. It has a handmade feel and it’s expressive enough to convey human feelings and an overall brand lightheartedness. The illustrations act as little touches of joy throughout our materials and products, to keep things feeling fresh.

Character Design

From an initial concept illustration of a group of people I developed a whole set of rules and ideas to generate an unlimited amount of characters. From body types to facial features to expressions, Oscar characters cover all goings of life keeping the style consistent.

Spot Illustration

As Oscar is approaching the Health Care System from a very unique position, there were many new concepts and services to explain to members and prospective members. Being able to do it so using a simple and direct illustration style was very important. The spots are mid way between icons and full on illustration, they are effective, fun and easy to understand.


In the App, in the Site, a whole new family of icons was created to cover different areas: illnesses, product features, services, business, locations, types of prescriptions...


We also used illustration for instagram postings, billboards, posters, walls, articles and more. Some of these usages are more open and the illustration style can stretch to cover different needs.


EP: Nicole Muniz - CD: Patrick Ehrlund - AD: Jessie Bustin - Additional illustration: Jaye Kim, Chloe Chang - Initial pitch illustrations: Nick Iluzada

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