Maven Clinic 
Reproductive Heatlh

Branding Illustration

Maven Clinic launched a new track focused on fertility issues. Through more than 80 articles, this curriculum will provide women and families who are trying to conceive or delaying pregnancy the tools and resources that are needed for them to plan ahead and prepare for pregnancy.

The Illustrations will accompany hero resource articles featured in the dashboard of each track each week.


Following the brand principles, we decided to build a composition system made up of mixed and matched illustrations from a library of assets.

The illustrations can be a mix of specific themes from the article and visual accents. 


The themes are: Health, fertility, periods, birth control, pms, conception, mental health and annual check up. The assets collections included objects specificaly related to each theme, abstract elements, hands, medical tools, medicines, clothing, food, plants, charts, Maven devices and product icons.


Brand design team at Maven.
Lead designer: Ryan Dutch - Designer: Angie Henry - Additional illustration: Agata Zdziarska 

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