Glow Insurance

Branding Illustration
2018 - Ongoing

Direct to client

I've been working with the team of Glow Insurance for the past months developing an illustration style to support their branding and add value and uniqueness.  


My process for branding illustration projects starts with establishing the creative direction: first look at strategy, voice and messaging. After a very collaborative process with the client we agree on a conceptual direction to explore. I present then a moodboard and start with illustration development that includes: character exploration, color palette, and compositions.

Character Design

Following this, a first set of characters and scenes are finalized, revised and approved and I work on the illustration guidelines, making sure that the style is solid, the rules easy to follow and an inital library of assets is set up for the client to use anywhere in the product. 

Heroes and Spot Illustrations

These are some of the illustrations created to populate the website and for the on boarding screens process in the application.


In parallel I take the style and stripe it down to the minimum elements to expand the collection with icons and spot illustrations.


Additional illustration: Montse Galvany & Julia Chu

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