Branding Illustration

Collaboration with Interbrand Madrid for the rebranding of STC, a communication company lider in the arab world.  

STC Branding

STC needed an unique illustration style to pair with a massive rebranding. The goal to include illustratios is to connect in a personal level with customers and with in- ternal team. Illustration needs to be visually coherent with the rest of the brand elements.

The initial exploration was focused on having a good understanding of the region and the global world.

                        Logo                                                                                    Slider

Visual voice

Wide range of scenes.Characters, actions, technology and devices, to be able to inspire, talk about new opportunities and be aspirational for the consumers in a very simple and direct way. 

Relevant. The goal of using illustration is to complement the message in any platform. It needs to add clarity and not be a merely decorative piece.

Cohesive with the brand. Mantaining the right messaging and tone. We want to keep it professional, active and energetic.

Brand principles

The “Business of Life. Taking part of every sphere in people’s life. Enrichment, relatable stories in an evironment that combines tradicional and modern.

Tech Savvy. Looking into the future.

Effortless and consistent. A flexible and growing system. Based on a grid following the slider proportions and versatile to adapt to realistic and abstract concepts seamlessly. 


Hero scene. Scenes with background and can have multiple characters.

Spot. Focused on a single concept with no decorative elements.


The illustration system is build following a grid, constructed in multiples of four based on the slider. 

It gives you flexibility to adapt to any format. This structure is able to accomodate different elements and combine them with the slide.

The artwork can beadapted to any format or canvas.


There are different categories of elements that together bring meaning and form complex illustrations.

Traditional clothing

Men: White thobe only. Head scarf white or with patterns.
Women: Abaya can be white or grey and can have simple patterns. Hijab white, grey or purple.
Casual clothing

To add more context to the scenes. Like sport clothing, soccer themes for important sport events. Formal clothing like suits for work environ- ment. Fashionable styles for women. Accessories, hair styles.

Contextual - Technology 

Contextual - Objects 

Contextual - Location 
Contextual - Cultural 
Traditional patterns
Relationship between icons and illustration


The core of STC’s illustration is the slider. Squares and rectangles are the base of the system.

All the elements with exception of the human elements are perfect geometric shapes, modified slightly adding round corners.

Basic shapes can be combined using the grid to form more complex shapes.

Color management

The Highlighting the importance of following STC’s color palette and recommendations for color balance and ratios.

Selection of final comps


Agency: Interbrand Madrid. Associate design directo: Facundo Boggino. Designer: Teresa Perez Abad. Producer: Nay Moussa

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