Maven Clinic

Branding Illustration

I have the pleasure to have an ongoing collaboration with Maven Clinic. They are an amazing company with clear objectives and a commitment to women’s and family health.

For the past year they have been working on redesigning their look and their products. The style should be contemporary, recognizable, inclusive and timeless. It should be relatable for today’s modern women. 

My work focused on creating a cohesive style through characters, spot illustrations and icons.  

Goals for a consistent branding 

Coming from the Curriculum Illustration project we realized we needed to be more expressive, more modern and direct. The members should be represented relatable yet aspirational, the tone should be uplifting. We started looking for some playful and sincere moments. 

We also decided to go all vector, and simplify the illustration style for it to be more flexible with a library that allows the Maven’s design team to use, combine and create based on their inmediate needs. 


From an initial concept illustration of a group of people I developed a whole set of rules and ideas to generate an unlimited amount of chara



Product icons and thumbnails

It was important for the branding team to add a touch of the illustration style to the product functionality. I designed icons and thumbnails that are unique for Maven adding color and humanity across the different screens and sections.

Maven Milk

Maven’s service of breast milk shipping.


Brand design team at Maven.
Director: Anthony Cappetta - Lead designer: Ryan Dutch - Designer: Angie Henry

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