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A tribute to the women who follow their passion.


Ceramic wall hanging, 2020

Hand built with white clay with grog, hand painted with underglazes and a layer of transparent glossy glaze for a shinny finishing.

Hardware included. 

All ceramics are made by hand so each piece is unique and different. The ladies expressions and features change slightly.

Dimensions: 9,5 X 2 X 7 3/4 inches

Price $200

Send me an email if you are interested on buying one! work@lauraalejo.com

In making this piece I was inspired by Lola Flores, I wanted to capture her gaze and strength.

When Lola Flores (1023-1995) fame grew for being stubborn and always getting what she wanted, she was given the nickname “La Faraona”. She was a Spanish flamenco singer and dancer who despite of not having a particularly nice voice or the looks, achieved everything she persued. She just went on the stage and released her “genio”.

In 1952 she was invited to perform in NYC and The New York Times published: “Lola Flores, a Spanish artist, she neither sings, and does not even dance, but you can’t miss her”

Different pieces in the same series                                                                                                                                                                                            

Sculpture clay

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